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to drive our activities

GraspOS pilots represent three types of Open Science enabled research assessment: (1) funding agencies and national stakeholders who are operating infrastructure and use for evaluation of funding, (2) universities, including departments and research groups, interested in recruiting and assessment, and (3) thematic disciplines who can set general assessment criteria based on infrastructure and discipline needs.

Pilots in a nutshell

The activities

  1. Co-develop OS assessment protocols in accordance with the organisation or community policies.
  2. Co-develop Openness Profiles (templates) for researchers and/or organisations and identify and incorporate new types of indicators that cover various types of research products and research activities.
  3. Identify gaps in local infrastructure, investigate and document what attributes are needed to support the development of the services.
  4. Elicit the characteristics of local or community requirements to support the development of fit-for-purpose services and tools, and how to practically incorporate metrics and data into the local infrastructure.
  5. Test, evaluate the tools and services developed and offered by applying the assessment protocols.
  6. Publish assessment protocols, profiles and stories in OSAR.


  1. A collection of interviews with pilot representatives to provide insight into ongoing activities.