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The FAIRCORE4EOSC project focuses on the development and realisation of core components for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), one of which is the Research Activity Identifier Service (RAiD).  

The RAiD provides persistent, unique and resolvable information for research projects. It is an editable information record, which is issued with a persistent identifier (DOI). This combination enables curation of digital objects by multiple actors, over time, whereby changes to the information record do not require versioning of the DOI.

GraspOS considers the RAiD as an appropriate  technology to implement concepts such as the Assessment Portfolios, or the GraspOS Assessment Registry, as it enables the systematic cataloging of assessment actors, documents, and evidence.

Since RAiD is a relatively new initiative, there is a crucial requirement for use cases to demonstrate its value and aid in gathering requirements from real-life scenarios. GraspOS is well-positioned to offer such use cases by implementing RAiD profiles capable of gathering information for research assessment events.

Joint activities

Both the Assessment Portfolio and the Assessment Registry under development in GraspOS utilise the Research Activity Identifier (RAiD) service. 

The joint activities which have already taken place are listed below. 

  • Coordination

    • GraspOS is coordinating with FAIRCORE4EOSC regarding the use of the forthcoming EOSC RAiD production beta (April 2024), which enables early experimentation of the GraspOS pilot assessments.

  • Events

    • (pending submission) Joint proposal including GraspOS and FAIRCORE4EOSC projects  for an unconference session at the EOSC Symposium 2024 about the recent developments in the interoperability framework for Scientific Knowledge Graphs.