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SciLake is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation action project aiming to deliver technological solutions to facilitate the creation of Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs) tailored for particular domains. GraspOS offers a concrete external use case focusing on the Research Assessment domain.

The knowledge extraction and management technologies to be delivered by SciLake can be suitable for adoption by GraspOS enrichment, monitoring, and data services. In addition, SciLake focuses on assisting domain experts in the creation of domain-specific SKGs. These SKGs can provide useful input for research assessment processes in the respective domains by helping to collect information about domain-specific contributions in research. 

Joint activities

The technologies being developed by SciLake hold significant value in enhancing GraspOS services and infrastructure. Concurrently, research assessment presents an intriguing use case for the Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKG) technologies, the primary focus of the SciLake project. Recognizing this mutual benefit, it appeared evident that close collaboration between the two projects was essential.

The joint activities which have already taken place are listed below. 

  • Events

    • Both projects are actively seeking opportunities to participate in joint events. Currently, a proposal has been submitted for a joint EOSC Symposium unconference session, aimed at informing the EOSC Community about the latest developments in the interoperability framework for the SKGs. 
  • Collaboration activities

    • GraspOS representatives are following the developments of the SciLake project having early access to the project deliverables.