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The University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry (UNIBE) is among Serbia’s top and most prestigious scientific institutions. It includes six departments and the Center of Excellence for Molecular Food Sciences. UNIBE fosters a multidisciplinary research environment by promoting collaboration among scientists with diverse profiles. The successful accomplishment of previous projects confirms its capacity to fully support the GraspOS project’s administrative work and collaborate intensively with other institutions and stakeholders to achieve its mission and goals.

Furthermore, UNIBE strongly supports the Open Science concept, providing access to publications and research outputs through its library. The library’s dedicated staff manages the institutional repository Cherry, which provides open access to research projects implemented by the Faculty.

UNIBE coordinated five EU projects in 2022.

In GraspOS, UNIBE acts as an affiliated entity to OAIRE.

Contact persons

Ana Djordjevic

Role in the project

UNIBE is involved in the piloting activities (WP5) from the perspective of the Chemistry research community.