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PathOS is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation action project aiming at developing impact pathways considering Open Science practices, from input to output, outcome and impact, including the consideration of enabling factors and key barriers.

GraspOS is interested in identifying these pathways and including them in the indicators impact and registries to pilot, with the interest of considering broader research impacts (scientific, social, and economical). In particular, we are currently studying how to integrate the PathOS Handbook into the services we want to offer.

GraspOS will provide PathOS tools, services, and data to feed the Open Science Pathways indicators and to exploit them with the GraspOS pilots and Community of Practice.

Joint activities

GraspOS and PathOS projects share relevant subjects and objectives, hence, their consortia are constantly exploring ways and opportunities to collaborate, including through joint meetings and events.

The joint activities which have already taken place are listed below. 

  • Workshops

    • Joint workshop with EU projects OPUS and PathOS at the Open Science FAIR conference: Monitoring Open Science in the context of incentives and rewards for Open Science, 25 September 2023, Madrid. The presentation is available on Zenodo