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Monitoring Services

GraspOS will offer a set of practical instruments that support monitoring the usage, uptake, quality, and impact of research outputs, researchers, research infrastructures, and OS practices, affecting the way relevant actors (individual researchers, group of researchers, institutions, infrastructures) can be assessed according to OS-aware RRA approaches.

GraspOS will build upon existing technologies provided by its partners to deliver EOSC-native tools and services and deliver metrics taking into consideration the requirements of the pilots and recommendations from the “Open Science Policy Platform Recommendations' the “Indicator Frameworks for Fostering Open Knowledge Practices in Science and Scholarship” and the RDA Interest Group on “Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data” .

The following summarises the tools and services to be provided.


OS Institutional Dashboard

This service will support metrics and visualisations that can facilitate the implementation of the OS-aware RRA approaches at institutional and funder levels.

OpenAIRE  Monitor A service built on the OpenAIRE Graph providing monitoring services for research outputs of research actors (research funding and research performing organisations, and thematic research communities). The service offers OS statistics on research products, funding information, and other indicators at various levels of a given institution. It is highly configurable to accommodate mix & match indicators and metrics.
EOSC OS Researcher Dashboard
This service will provide data, metrics, and visualisations for researchers (individuals and groups) capturing their compliance to OS practices, compliance to FAIR principles, the usage, uptake, and impact of their research outputs, their contribution roles , and the relevant fields of study.

BIP! Scholar

A dashboard that leverages data from scholarly knowledge graphs (OpenAIRE Graph Crossref, OpenCitations) and ORCID to display custom reports containing a variety of researcher-level RRA indicators for researchers capturing different aspects of their performance (e.g., productivity, impact, career stage) while considering the different roles of researchers in the respective works (according to the CRediT taxonomy).
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