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OPUS is a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support action project focusing on developing measures to reform the assessment of research(ers). 

The project is developing a researcher's framework which GraspOS would like to take into consideration for the implementation of certain components of the Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF) and of GraspOS services, tools, and data for research assessment support.

Collaboration with OPUS will help avoid duplication of efforts and will ensure that the potential for aligning towards complementary outcomes is exploited.

Joint activities

The consortia of both projects, recognising the relevance of their respective subjects, have agreed to collaborate in various ways. This collaboration entails organising joint meetings and events, as well as exchanging early results.

The joint activities which have already taken place are listed below. 

  • Conferences

    • GraspOS representatives participated in a panel discussion on the future of research assessment at KRECon 2023 in collaboration with OPUS: KRECon 2023, the future of research(er) assessment, 10 November 2023, Prague.

  • Workshops

  • Webinar

  • Other collaboration activities

    • GraspOS representatives have thoroughly examined the deliverables of the OPUS projects to provide feedback, mitigate redundancies between the two projects, and capitalise on existing work synergies.