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The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) is a Coalition of research funding organisations, research performing organisations, national/regional assessment authorities and agencies, as well as associations of the above organisations, learned societies and other relevant organisations. They have signed the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment, meaning that they commit to implement changes to research assessment, and mutually support and learn from each other as they progress in their reform journey.

GraspOS benefits from the OI4RRA Working Group (WG) and more broadly from CoARA on the alignment with the main user stakeholders: those organisations that embrace the willingness to change the Research Assessment. The complementary activities that OI4RRA and GraspOS have in their own roadmap, allow us to exploit the main milestones of the project not only with the CoARA members, but also with important stakeholders outside of Europe.

CoARA being a volunteer initiative, the OI4RRA WG is benefitting from GraspOS human resources to discuss the principles, governance, and sustainability of infrastructures and/or dataspaces which can facilitate the shift towards a novel and community-driven research assessment system. 

Finally, considering that GraspOS activities focus on ensuring the alignment between Open Science and Responsible Research Assessment, the project serves as a vital interface between EOSC and CoARA.

Joint activities

A significant aspect of GraspOS activities involves ensuring that research assessment practices not only embrace Open Science principles but also fully adhere to best practices for responsible research assessment. This alignment between Open Science and responsible research assessment serves as a vital interface between EOSC and CoARA. Consequently, the pivotal role of the GraspOS project in bridging these two initiatives has been recognized early on, leading to the involvement of GraspOS representatives in relevant joint events from an early stage.

The joint activities which have already taken place are listed below.